• Enrol Your Child at Seaward.

  • The Seaward Nursery in Southbourne is a traditional nursery which strives to maintain its ethos for high standards, excellence and good manners.

    We appreciate and are aware of the tremendous resource we have in our parents. We are eager to broaden our communication and encourage a closer link with you, the current and prospective parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, and friends.

    We have created this website to help you better understand our work and offer you our support. This is the place for you to get a lot of information in the field of early years education, health and nutrition, behaviour management. If you have a special area of knowledge, skill or expertise, if you love cooking, play a musical instrument, if you are a good storyteller, we would love to know.

    • At Seaward not only we prepare children for school but for a life of wonder and learning. It is our passion to exceed the statutory standards by offering extra-curricular classes, nature experiences and community involvement.

    • Seaward has been part of the Southbourne life for the past 30 years. It is the oldest nursery in the area. We nurture links with local shops, cafes and care homes. Our children are frequenting local library, perform for the elderly and go grocery shopping with the teachers. Seawarders ™ cook a great deal using the freshest ingredients and even run their own Seaward Bakery.

    • We are two minutes away down the winding path from the glorious sandy beach. Children and teachers have carried dozens of picnic baskets there and spent many magic hours reading books and building sand castles. Our playground is backing onto the Fisherman’s Walk with its lush protected woodland, a fish pond and feisty squirrels. Here Seaward children play, learn and explore. We are also fortunate to have a quick and easy access to a well-equipped community sand park overlooking the sea.

    • At Seaward we do our best to ease the Guilt Cloud for you, our valued families. While you are busy with your demanding schedules – working or running errands, you always remain confident that your child is safe and happy with us.

    • Years of Caring and Educating
    • Miles to the Sandy Beach!
    • Happy Graduates
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      Satisfied Parents
    • Hours of Extended Funding
    • Food Hygiene Rating
    • Good Ofsted Rating
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    • Home-from-Home: Policies and Settling in

      At Seaward, we follow a set of guidelines, policies and procedures to ensure that your children are safe and protected and the environment is secure. All our statutory documents are available in different formats for you to access.

      We want the transition from home to nursery to be a happy time for you and your child. We are proud of our traditional settling in policies.

      We ask you to fill in our Registration Documents and “All About Me” questionnaire prior to your child starting the nursery so that we can have their favourite toys and equipment waiting for them.

      You and your child will be invited for an initial brief “stay and play” followed by a series of subsequent settling-in sessions. We will gradually extend the length of the sessions to include various routines. We are the only setting to offer hours of free attendance before a child is fully ready to start the nursery.

      Sometimes separation can be upsetting and we ask you to be patient. Each child is an individual – a toy or photograph from home or a picture of their Key Person to take home can link home and nursery and be very helpful.

      As your child builds a rapport with us, we will ask you to stay in the vicinity for the first few sessions so that you can return if needed.

    • Our Environment

      We have designed effective indoor and outdoor spaces where children can be active or rest.

      At Seaward we have two play-and -learn rooms. We encourage interaction of children of different ages and run various schemes to help our younger children play safely with their older peers.

      The design of the Sea Stars Playroom takes into account the needs of One and Two and a Half Year Olds. Children of this age are inquisitive and grow at a rapid rate. They are consistently finding out and exploring the environment, and we make sure they satisfy their curiosity safely.

      Around the age of Two and a Half and after a thorough assessment some younger children are ready to embrace a more challenging and independent space of the Dolphins Classroom.

      Seaward playground features safety surface and secure gating. Our outdoor space is designed to be a place to watch the sea from the top of the deck of the tree house, kick the ball, chalk and paint, climb and slide down, make mess or have a picnic – there is always something to do for everyone.

    • Teachers and Parents

      The Seaward Nursery is where the most encouraging teachers make every day quite wonderful.

      By the time Graduation goodbyes are said you hardly realise your child has become an almost grown up and the most well behaved, caring, sharing and cheerful person you could ever hope to find!

  • Meet Our Staff

  • The school staff bring a total of 45 years of teaching experience to the nursery and are committed to the educational development, happiness, safety and wellbeing of every child.

  • A generous teacher to child ratios ensure the delivery of this philosophy.

    All our teachers are qualified, passionate and enthusiastic about the setting.

    • Mila MacDonald

      Mila oversees all educational programs and developments at Seaward. She retains responsibility for the overall governance of the nursery. Mila is a qualified Teacher with a combined degree in English and French, as well as Child Psychology. She has been Seaward’s Principal since February 2006.

      Her wings and fairy skills are the subject for whispers of many a Seaward pupil. Nobody is certain what has given rise to the myth of a Seaward Fairy but school now has its very own Mystery!

    • Sophie Bailey
      Nursery Manager

      Sophie is our dedicated and popular nursery manager. She is a Level 3 qualified teacher, our Designated Safeguarding Lead and a key person to many Seawarders.

      Sophie is our energetic bubble of happiness which the children see from arrival through to hometime. While everyone likes to laugh, quirky and vivacious Sophie, more than anyone, embraces this – laughter makes Seaward a better place. She is also a wonderful story-teller. If Sophie wants to make a point with a child, she puts it into a story. Funny and laid back, imaginative Miss Bailey is the teacher we all wish we had!

    • Tammy Bailey
      Deputy Manager
      Tammy is a Level 3 qualified teacher and Seawards Deputy Manager. She is also a key person to many children as well as our Deputy Safeguarding Lead.
      Whilst Tammy’s motto is firm but fair she believes in leading by example. She encourages creativity in every aspect of a child’s learning and ensures they embrace their own unique being. Tammy truly is one of a kind.
    • Carina Petty
      Nursery Practitioner

      Carina is an experienced Level 3 Qualified teacher and a Key Person to many toddlers. She has been planting the seeds of ‘I Can’ at Seaward for nearly nine years. Carina is also our SEN teacher.

      What else can we say? Carina is able to see a star before it’s discovered and believes in Superheroes in Disguise! Beautiful Mrs Petty also has the patience of a saint.

    • Crystal Jenkins
      Nursery Practitioner
    • Tempest-Rose Bailey
      Nursery Practitioner

      Tempest-Rose is a  Level 3 teacher and a valued key person across all ages.

      With a background in musical theater, she brings a flare to Seaward encouraging children to express themselves and grow their imagination.

    • Evie Rickman
      Nursery Practitioner Apprentice
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    • Relationships matter at Seaward.
      We are committed to building a strong community with our parents by cultivating interaction at social events and through fundraising activities where we welcome all families and encourage every effort. All Seaward parents are invited to attend the meetings to share ideas and get involved in planning future events.

    • An outstanding nursery with fantastic staff.
      My girls came on leaps and bounds attending this setting and not only did they participate and learn the usual activities that nurseries offer but they got lots of opportunity at Seaward to do cooking and baking, to learn some French, learn some ballet dancing and also be in the Christmas performance of the Nutcracker. They learnt so many songs that I hadn’t heard of and they always came home happy after a day at Seaward Day Nursery.

    • Absolutely amazing nursery!
      My daughter started one year ago and is just leaving now to start reception. The lovely staff here are just fantastic in what they do. They go above and beyond! My little girl started shy and quiet, now she can’t wait to be dropped off! The work they do is fantastic and is a lot more than a job for them. Thank you, Seaward. You are forever in our hearts

    • Delightful child focused nursery.
      Our son is totally engaged and very happy here. The staff are excellent and passionate about pre-school development in all aspects of the child’s growth. The involvement and education around food and culture is particularly welcoming and was a big hit in our household.

    • Every day for the past five years I have been able to drop my children off here, knowing that they are in safe hands, that they are being truly cared for and that they are having a day filled with fun. My little girl literally runs in the front door each morning with the biggest smile on her face and when I collect her that smile is still firmly in place. You only need to see how happy the children are to know that this is a truly special place. If you are looking for a nursery where there is structure to the day, learning through play, staff that are nurturing, kind and professional, a friendly environment and a lunchtime menu to die for, then this is the nursery for you

    • We have our one year old daughter and a four year old son at Seaward. We love the nursery!
      It strikes the balance between home and school beautifully. It’s small enough so the staff and children are able to make real bonds, but has enough children to allow the kids to explore socialising and playing with different friends. The home cooked healthy meals are so delicious that the kids never come home hungry! The location is great! The fresh sea air and the woodland in fisherman’s walk allow for truly beautiful surroundings. The staff are very caring and have made both children feel like part of the Seaward family. Our son is learning so much in readiness for school. When he came home last week and said ‘bonjour mes amis’ I was very impressed! Thank you Seaward staff for all your hard work!

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  • Our Fees

    • Consumables
      • £10
        Per Full Day
      • £7.50
        Per School Day
      • £5
        Per Session
    • 1 Year Olds
      • £49
        Per Full Day
      • £42.50
        Per School Day
      • £34
        Per Session
    • Non-funded Hours
      • £5 an hour
        2 Year Old
      • £6.50 an hour
        3-4 Year Old
  • We offer Term-Time and School Day attendance depending on availability.

  • All our fees are payable strictly before the 15th of each month. A four weeks’ notice of withdrawal must be given in writing.

  • The nursery take part in the Nursery Education Grant (NEG), accept childcare vouchers and tax free childcare payments.

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    If you're a Seaward family, share your experience with us!
    We are honored by the trust our families place in us every day by allowing us to teach and care for their children. We are proud of our community of dozens of families and teachers who share our goals and values of working together to help children meet and fulfill their potential.
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    Our postal address and contact details
    • Address

      61 Seaward Avenue
      Dorset BH6 3SJ

    • Phone & E-mail

      Phone: 01202 424655

    • Opening Hours

      Monday – Friday
      8.30 am – 5.30 pm
      (Closed Weekends, Bank Holidays and for one week between Christmas and New Year)

    • Sessions

      Mornings: 8.30am – 1.00pm
      Afternoons: 1.00pm – 5.30pm
      School Day: 8.30am – 3.30pm
      Full Day: 8.30am – 5.30pm

    We offer Term Time or All Year Round attendance options.